About Rafał's technical background


  • Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Java, Python, PHP
  • Web: HTML5, CSS3, SPA
  • Platforms: Node.js, Android, Java EE servlets
  • Public clouds: Microsoft Azure (Storage Table, Web Apps), Google App Engine (BigTable, memcache)
  • Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis
  • Frameworks: Vue 2, Web Components/Polymer, Angular 2, Marionette/Backbone, jQuery, Restify, Django
  • CSS helpers: Bulma CSS, LESS/SCSS, Bootstrap, PostCSS
  • Version control: Git, SVN

Other experience

  • Agile/XP methodologies: testing (unit and functional), refactoring, code review
  • Small team management: Scrum Master, technical team lead
  • IT books translation: over 50 books

Open-source work samples on GitHub



  • Bold elements are used actively
  • Italic elements I'm currently investigating or learning
  • Normal were used in the past