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Updated Blog to Custom Hugo Theme

Static site generator behind this blog was last updated over 4 years ago. It was a Gulp 3 based system which also used Bootstrap 3. When trying to rebuild the site in 2020, it ended up that it is possible only with older Node.js and update to Gulp 4 all the existing generator is too much effort for such a small blog. So, I decided to switch to Hugo. Why Hugo?...

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Serving personal page with HTTPS on GitLab Pages

As my current hosting plan on OVH ends next month, I’ve looked for a way to move my Gluwer website to another location. As it gets very popular now to serve simple static personal websites like this one on GitHub using custom domain. But if you want to do HTTPS and custom domain on GitHub, you have to use solutions like CloudFlare to get it working. Because I use GitLab for personal non-public projects, I’ve checked their GitLab Pages solution....

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Recreated Website and Blog

Over three years ago I have used Hexo to create my blog and it is still a valid choice, but after changing computer I’ve accidentally lost my blog generator settings. Yes, I thought that I have a copy on backup drive and it ended up that assumption was wrong. So I have decided to recreate it but using something simpler and with minimal own code elements. As I’m not a designer, I’ve ended up with Bootswatch Cosmo theme and gulp-site-generator....

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A story of EADDRINUSE and ECONNRESET errors

The ECONNRESET error was silenced before node.js 0.8.20 but not it is not (which is good). You think: Hmm, but how many times I may see it. Not very often. Wrong! It may happen more often than you think, as many load balancers use it to close connection (on purpose not in a clean way!). Have you ever seen EADDRINUSE error in node.js? Almost everyone have seen it. But I’m not thinking about the one related to listen() method when you see when trying to start a server....

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Simulating Scheduler on Azure Web Sites

UPDATE (2014-01-20): The solution described below is not needed anymore (even if still works). Windows Azure is having two solutions for it: generic Scheduler service and Web Jobs for Web Sites. Windows Azure Web Sites doesn’t have a built-in scheduled jobs which are available on Windows Azure Mobile Services, but it is a very handy feature. Yes, you can use WAMS scheduler service and call any URL on WAWS, but in free version it is limited only to 1 scheduled job run per hour and there is additional burden to handle two systems instead of one....

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The Quality of node.js SDK for Azure

I do not know the exact reasons of this but node.js SDK for Azure is not in the state I wanted it to be. On the surface everything looks right. The project is actively developed and is available for over two years now, so you expect it rock solid. The problem is the more you use it, the more you see it is not. In my current work I mostly use from the node....

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