Windows Azure Registration - Not Without Issues

This will be a short post about my recent experience with registration on Windows Azure. It was not without issues.

First of all, I was on Windows Azure AD 2013 seminar in Warsaw two weeks ago. They talked about free 90 days trial (that I was already aware but waited for the right moment to start it), but they forgot to mention that several days later this 3 months trial will change into 30 days trial. Beginning June Microsoft changed the trial to shorter one so I have less for testing it without any costs.

The next issue I stumbled upon was a requirement for credit card. I have a private credit card but for the company I’ve used virtual prepaid VISA card for almost two years and it worked just fine everywhere else (including Google Wallet). But it won’t work on Windows Azure.

I try it for the first time and error (there are no details just that there was an error). I retry thinking it had a typo etc. Error again. I try the third time and once more an error. I surrender and try my private standard credit card and it worked for the fist time, but it is not what I wanted.

I log in to my bank account and I see 3 charges in blocked list for my prepaid card (I had enough money on the account). Strange, isn’t it? It seems I’ve written card details properly all three times and all three times received cryptic error about typo or that I should contact my bank.

As I registered properly with private credit card I create support ticket to ask what is going on and if blocked money won’t be charged. The trial should be free. I have to mention here that private chard also received charge for 1 EURO but as there was no error I assume I receive charge back there.

I thing for sure - Microsoft’s support response was quick (within 4 hours). The person from support clearly stated that prepaid card are not supported and Microsoft is aware of it and that they as support receive similar questions not for the fist time. He also explain that even whit error I should have my money on prepaid card unblocked but it take several days.

Interesting. Trial Offer says nothing about it. Even more, it says that debit card are supported, not only credit cards. This is something that Microsoft should state more clearly on the info page or at least in error message and do not block any money on cards they are not supporting, because this is very odd!